Love Songs (2008)

For solo voice, cca 40’
(Also available for voice and saxophone)
The Queen of Puddings Music Theatre commission
Premiered on March 25, 2008, Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre, Canadian Opera Company, Toronto
Lauren Philips

Program note
Love has always been and always will be an inexhaustible inspiration for human creativity. Love follows us everywhere; love is the cause and the result. Love evokes the strongest human emotions: love has led people to wars, but it has also inspired the most beautiful poems. All the languages sing about love the same way. Every happiness, worry, sadness and tenderness is similar to another.
Love Songs is an intimate story about love in five “thematic” movements: pure love, tender love, children’s love, mature love and love for a person who has been lost. The lyrics are sung in five languages: English, French, Serbian, Irish and Latin. There are interludes between the movements in which the phrase “I Love You” is delivered in 100 different languages. While the movements are lyrical, the interludes are more rhythmic, inspired by the colours of these 100 languages, with the singer using various unconventional vocal techniques.
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« A magnificent work… Sokolovic breathes new life into Canadian music theatre/opera. » Read more
– Tamara Bernstein, The Globe and Mail, March 27, 2008
« Il est de ces soirées dont on ne sort pas entièrement indemnes, tant la portée du discours musical est forte. » Read more
– Claudine Jacques, Revue l’opéra, November 15, 2017