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T. Rex (2020)

For organ, 10′. Radio-France commission. Premiered at Festival Présences, Paris, March 10, 2021 by Bernard Foccroulle.
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Duo (2015)

For taragot (or sop. saxophone) and clarinet in Bb,  6′. Premiered at Roy Barnett Hall, University of British Columbia, February 8, 2015 by Milan Milošević (taragot) and Jason Hall (clarinet).
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Prelude and fugue for GG (2007)

For piano, 6’. CBC commission. Premiered at Tribute to Glenn Gould, Toronto, September 25, 2007 by Christina Petrowska-Quilico.
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Prélude et Toccate (2006)

For alto and piano, 10’. Jutta Puchammer commission. Premiered at Congrès International d’alto, Montreal, June 7, 2006 by Jutta Puchhammer (viola) and Élise Desjardins (piano)
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Vez (2005)

For cello, 8’. Yegor Dyackhov commission and premiere, Virtuosi Series, Winnipeg, November 27, 2005.

Mesh (2004)

For Eb clarinet, 10’. Lori Freedman commission. Premiered at Music Garden, Toronto, August 26, 2004.
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Chant (2003)

For violin and piano, 4’. Jeunesses Musicales Canada commission for Concours international de violon. Premiered at salle Wilfrid Pelletier, PDA, Montreal, June 6, 2003 by Diana Galvydyte.
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Danses et interludes (2002)

For piano, 14’. Marc Couroux commission. Premiered at Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur, Montreal, March 31, 2006 by Brigitte Poulin.
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City Songs (2001/2012)

For violin and piano, 15′. Olga Ranzenhofer commission. Premiered at Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur, Montreal, March 31, 2012 by Frédéric Bednarz (violin) and Louise Bessette (piano).

Cinque danze per violino solo (1998)

For violin, 15’. Julie-Anne Derome commission and premiered, salle Tudor, Montreal, February 11, 1999.
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Trois études (1997)

For piano, 8’. Premiered at Chapelle historique du Bon Pasteur, Montreal, February 29. 1998 by Marc Couroux.
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Ambient V (1995)

For two violins, 10’. Premiered at CECO concert, UdeM, salle Claude Champagne, Montreal, January 23, 1995 by Milan Milisavljević and Mariusz Monczak.

Berceuse (1987)

For two pianos, 10’. Premiered athée Youth composers tribune,  Belgrade Academy, Serbia, May, 1988 by Svetlana Krstić and Ana Sokolović.

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